About Us


Who are we? We're those cute siblings in that old photo up there, brother and sister who spent their childhood in a small town in south Louisiana.

The photo tells most of the story . . . He's older (by 7 years), loves the outdoors, hunts regularly, enjoys shooting sports, a retired Wildlife Conservation Agent, prefers earthy tones, and he's still most comfortable in jeans, boots, and a cap. (And for those interested, that's a .410 shotgun that was our Dad's, and we still have it.)

She's the "little sister", loves accessories (nice, bonnet!), likes bold colors, enjoys laughing and life, and that thing in her hands? Zoom in, it's fried chicken! She loves it and other southern delicacies. (And for those interested, that fried chicken is long gone, but we still have the recipe and many other family favorites.)

And while neither of them currently live in Louisiana, the state and its culture hold deep significance in their hearts and souls. Regular visits back "home" reaffirm the profound influence the Louisiana swamps have had on shaping who we are!


Louisiana Lessons

For those not from Louisiana or not familiar with the term "pirogue", pronounced like "peee-roh" and rhymes with "hero".

pi rogue (pa'rog) n.
a long, narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk, often used by Cajuns in the Louisiana swamps